Beyond Politics
What to do while we're here

© 2018 by Martin Zender
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The cry of popular Christianity today is to take the reins of government and turn the United States into a God-fearing nation. But is such a political featówere it even possibleóthe responsibility of flawed humans? Isn't Jesus Christ returning to fix the Earth and its inhabitants, rather than congratulate it on a job well done? If you've wondered why you've generally felt worse rather than better after watching world and national news, here's your answer. At what point are we supposed to resist governmentóor is there even such a point? Zender's Beyond Politics will at first rock your political boat, but then anchor you to the most peaceful shore imaginable.


According to the apostle Paul in 2 Timothy, chapter three, in the last days perilous periods will be present and nothing is going to stop them, not even Republicans. Anyone supposing that in the last days humanity will perfect itself is thinking his or her own pleasant thoughts and is out of tune with the mind of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is not returning to Earth to congratulate us on a job well done. He is coming to sweep away the perilous periods and establish something that we have never seen before: righteous government. And soó

ďCease striving and know that I am GodÖI will be exalted in the earthĒ (Psalm 46:10).

ďGodís indignation is being revealed from heaven on all the irreverence and injustice of humansĒ (Romans 1:18).

God has promised to take care of the irreverent and unjust, but He will do it in His time, not in ours. Jesus chided Peter for taking up the sword in Gethsemane, saying, ďAre you supposing that I am not able to entreat My Father, and at present He will station by My side more than twelve legions of messengers? How, then, may the scriptures be fulfilled, seeing that thus it must occur?Ē (Matthew 26:53-54). Itís the same situation today. Few understand today that God is able, at any time, to reveal His indignation on irreverence and injustice. I have to remind myself of this all the time. The fact that He has not yet moved to impress upon Earthís inhabitants His power means only one thing: itís not yet time for it. When the hour does arrive, God will turn the sun black, make the stars fall, roll up the heavens, move islands, burn up thirty-three percent of the earth, and turn a third of the sea into blood (Revelation 6:12-14, 8:7-8).

I guess that will be impressive enough.


Concerning national defense, I am not so pie-in-the-sky that I think we should write national policy based on trust. I wish that we could, but the eon in which we live is naughty, not nice. Itís a wicked eon (Galatians 1:4), and thus it is naÔve for us to think that we can sit down and negotiate with sinister entities. Neville Chamberlain tried that with Hitler, and it did not end so well. We ended up ditching Chamberlain and bombing the crap out of Hitler. In a wicked eon, we need a strong military. I am proud of our soldiers, and thankful for them.

Iím speaking of national policy now, and not the policy of individuals. I am not personally going to chase down evil dictators; Iím afraid I would catch them. But I think itís good for our armed forces to do so; they want to catch them, and should. We must protect our homeland.

If an evil dictator entered my literal house and threatened my family, I would stab him repeatedly with a screwdriver. (I donít own a gun. Iím all for gun-owning, I just donít like loud noises.) An evil dictator striding through my kitchen is a microcosm of an army entering our fair land. It is a natural instinct to protect loved ones as long as itís not too noisy. And yet an individual believer may choose the path of non-resistance, which is the most excellent path. Iíll be talking about that lateróabout whether or not we should be subject to evil governments.