The Really Bad Thing About Free Will
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The Difference Between Life and Death (why I wrote Free Will) 
 by martin zender


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Why I wrote
The Really Bad Thing About Free Will

Hi, everybody.

The most destructive doctrine in the world is that of human free will. You may be surprised to hear me say that. You may have assumed eternal torment to be the worst. What could be worse than believing that our "God of Love" is going to eternally torture millions of people for not loving Him back? I agree that eternal torment is the most hideous doctrine. But the doctrine of the free will of man is the most destructive, because it is this doctrine that denies the foundation of the gospel, which is: Jesus Christ died for our sins (1 Cor. 15:3). Without a realization of this foundation, there is no eonian salvation.

In 1 Timothy 4:1, the apostle Paul speaks of "doctrines of demons." Demons are the relative origin of the doctrines of both eternal torment and free will. What is the purpose of these doctrines? Why would Satan bring them forth? There must be a motive, and there is: Satan wants to disqualify as many people as possible from living with Christ for the eons. He does not want human beings ruling and reigning over him. If he can get people to deny Christís death for sins, then he will have succeeded in this mission.

The doctrine of free will denies Christís death for sins. Think about it. The first step in so-called evangelism today is to convict people concerning sin. The doctrine of free will starts with the premise that your sins still stand against you. Your sins are still keeping God from you, and you from God. This is a direct denial of the work of Christ. In spite of what John 1:29 says, Christís sacrifice on Calvary (according to modern-day "evangelists" did not remove your sins. This is the essence of the free will teaching: Your sins still count against you. Itís the heart of the doctrine. This is why people are forced to make a free will decision to accept Christ. It is your free will decision, not the sacrifice of Christ, which finally removes sin and paves the way to God.

Millions of people believe this teaching. Therefore, millions of people deny Christís death for sin and are therefore disqualified from believing the gospel. Millions of people have been taught to trust in their faith, rather than in the faith of Christ. If self-belief is oneís foundation, then it is a good bet that self-belief will continue as oneís abiding doctrine. Therefore, because of false evangelists and their false gospel, people continue to trust in themselves instead of in Christ. Of course I realize that this self-trust is whitewashed. It is hidden behind the righteous phrase, "Jesus saves." But this is only whitewash. Because with the free will doctrine, Jesus does not save. If He does save, then why must I go to an
altar and "get saved?" And what is the difference between trusting in oneself and trusting in Buddha? Or in Mohammad? Or in a rock, for that matter?